If anything, we try to be educational, since knowledge is power! Want to know what a Pink Whitney is? Stay tuned and find out. But before we get to that...

The ongoing saga of hockey coaches and the treatment of players goes on, with a local connection driving the story home. What to make of the allegations against Marc Crawford? Is this going to get worse before it gets better? Is hockey risking opening a Pandora's Box? We talk about the Canucks as well, who returned from a long road trip with a .500 record, which is both pretty and ugly. Having survived November, is the team poised to make some noise in December? Will being at home help get some momentum going?

Another big week in football, as the Seahawks took over the division lead. Both them and the 49ers have tough games ahead, so it may come down to their final game against each other. Are the Hawks a legitimate Superbowl contender? How about the Ravens? Is there any stopping them? We also discuss the BC Lions new head coach, and wonder if anything can be done to bring them back to relevancy. All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

Are we on the cutting edge, or is it just a solid sports movie? The court of public opinion is a thumbs up to both, or so we think. Speaking of public opinion, we start the show with the allegations against one NHL coach, which seems to be bringing on more. Is this a 'Me Too' moment for hockey? What will the potential repercussions be?

With the Canucks, we discuss the current road trip and the results, as well as the Jacob Markstrom contract situation. Will he be around next year? Can the team afford to keep (or lose) him? What about Bo Horvat? Is there a cure for his offensive struggles? Will a return of some injured teammates help?

We also review the 107th Grey Cup, with a dominating win by Winnipeg. How does the future look for the CFL? With the season now over, who will the Lions hire as the head coach? We go around the NFL, with the Seahawks win in Philly, and look forward to the 49ers and Ravens next week. Will it be the game of the year? All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

While we are a Vancouver sports podcast, every so often we venture beyond the pacific coast. We kick off this show with the firing of Mike Babcock by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Was it deserved? Was he the problem, or is it the lack of support players? One thing for sure is the drama will continue in Toronto.

Back home we check on the Canucks big road trip. It's been a rough stretch, but should we hit the panic button? What steps should be taken to learn from the challenges and get past them? Will an influx of fresh bodies help? At the cost of who?

With football, Grey Cup is upon us, as Winnipeg and Hamilton advanced to the big game. Which team will end their long championship drought? The Seahawks were on a bye week, but we go around the NFL and look forward to some big upcoming matchups. Is the playoff picture already set? All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

What happens when two legends in their own minds talk about a comedic legend? You get another episode of Just A Bit Outside! We start this show with the topic everyone has an opinion on - the Don Cherry saga. Was he deservedly fired? What will be his legacy? What does it say about our country in general?

Of course we talk Canucks as well, as a recent three game slide brought the team back down to earth. What can be learned from the experience? Can the special teams keep clicking at their current rate? What are the challenges coming up the rest of the month?

How about some football? We discuss the epic Monday Night game with the Seahawks and 49ers and all the drama it presented. Which one of them will take the division title? We do a full NFL rundown, and also recap the CFL Semifinals. Can a western team be the east finalist for the Grey Cup? All this and more plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

Are we climate activists? If you're talking about changing the sports climate in this town, then most definitely yes. We start off with a look back at the Canucks successful California road trip, including exercising some demons in a certain arena. What's been driving this hot start? Can the team sustain this success when faced with tough challenges? This will be a telling month.

The BC Lions season has ended, which means the changes have begun. Did the head coach deserve to be fired, or is he taking the brunt for the errors of others? The Seahawks managed to win again, although the question marks remain. Can they keep pace with the 49ers? They go head to head next game, and we may get answers from that. All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

Can the effect of an individual impact the culture of a team or city? We like to think so, since Just A Bit Outside has been changing the culture here for 163 shows. In this case, we're talking about J.T. Miller and the Vancouver Canucks. How do you measure the impact he has had here in such a short time? What will the lasting positives be? We take a look at the past couple games, and how the season has progressed so far. Have their been any big negatives? Will the October momentum continue into November?

With football, we reflect on the Seahawks win. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't dominant, but a win is a win. Should fans be concerned with how they played against a subpar opponent? Will they be able to keep pace with the 49ers? Can the 49ers and Patriots stay undefeated? How about the World Series? The road team has won every game, and mostly in convincing fashion. Did baseball need a good series to save the season? Can anything ruin it? Find out with us, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

Great things we've had in the past 50 years in Vancouver: the internet, clean drinking water, and Just A Bit Outside. Missing from that list has been the Vancouver Canucks having organizational depth. Has that finally come to fruition?

We start the show with a recap of the Canucks stellar four game road trip, where they won in different ways. Are there any warning signs for the team at this point? Can they keep up this level of excellence all year? How about the start from the Utica Comets? How does this impact the long term success of the franchise?

We talk a little football, as the BC Lions season draws mercifully closer to an end. The Seahawks came back down to earth with a humbling home loss. Will they be able to bounce back next week, or has the team been overachieving so far? The World Series is on too, with the Expos...I mean Washington taking on Houston. Rest or rust? We'll find out as the series goes. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

What happens when you upset an overreactor? A little bit of name calling of course. All in a days work in the world of Just A Bit Outside! After a slow start, the Canucks rebounded this week to get above the .500 mark. Should we be planning the parade, or pacing ourselves? We look back at the first home stand of the year, including our thoughts on the opening night ceremony and the new third jersey. How are things going in Utica with the Comets? We discuss it all and look forward to the first eastern road trip of the year.

With football, the BC Lions playoffs hopes have been dashed, along with the season of their starting quarterback. What's left for the final three games for the team? How about those Seahawks? Another come from behind win led by Russell Wilson has the team at 5-1. Are they the team to beat in the NFC West, or is this a surprise? We even talk some baseball playoffs, as the World Series approaches. All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

We all overreact to things, like getting cut off in traffic or spilling a drink. One thing you can't overreact to is the excitement you feel for another episode of Just A Bit Outside! We start this week with the absolute beatdown the BC Lions delivered to Toronto. Is this team for real after winning four straight, or are they just beating teams worse than them? How about those Seahawks? Can they continue their winning streak into Cleveland, or are they due for a crash back to earth?

Hockey season is now underway, and the Canucks have started with two losses. Is there reason to hit the panic button, or is that an overreaction? Will the offense start to click, or is something (or someone) missing from the team? Will home ice be the cure that ails them? All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

It's what we've waited months for... the 2019-2020 NHL season, and our Vancouver Canucks preview show! We cover it all - personnel, line combinations, best and worst case scenarios, anything and everything. Are they a playoff team? Let's find out!

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