What happens when you upset an overreactor? A little bit of name calling of course. All in a days work in the world of Just A Bit Outside! After a slow start, the Canucks rebounded this week to get above the .500 mark. Should we be planning the parade, or pacing ourselves? We look back at the first home stand of the year, including our thoughts on the opening night ceremony and the new third jersey. How are things going in Utica with the Comets? We discuss it all and look forward to the first eastern road trip of the year.

With football, the BC Lions playoffs hopes have been dashed, along with the season of their starting quarterback. What's left for the final three games for the team? How about those Seahawks? Another come from behind win led by Russell Wilson has the team at 5-1. Are they the team to beat in the NFC West, or is this a surprise? We even talk some baseball playoffs, as the World Series approaches. All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

We all overreact to things, like getting cut off in traffic or spilling a drink. One thing you can't overreact to is the excitement you feel for another episode of Just A Bit Outside! We start this week with the absolute beatdown the BC Lions delivered to Toronto. Is this team for real after winning four straight, or are they just beating teams worse than them? How about those Seahawks? Can they continue their winning streak into Cleveland, or are they due for a crash back to earth?

Hockey season is now underway, and the Canucks have started with two losses. Is there reason to hit the panic button, or is that an overreaction? Will the offense start to click, or is something (or someone) missing from the team? Will home ice be the cure that ails them? All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

It's what we've waited months for... the 2019-2020 NHL season, and our Vancouver Canucks preview show! We cover it all - personnel, line combinations, best and worst case scenarios, anything and everything. Are they a playoff team? Let's find out!

Back with a vengeance! Did you miss us as much as we missed us? Only one week left until hockey season, but until then, here's another episode of Just A Bit Outside! We kick off with football, as the BC Lions are suddenly world beaters (except not), but let's take the positives. Can this momentum carry through the rest of the season? Would it be enough to save the jobs of the coach and GM? We also discuss the Seahawks first loss of the year, and wonder if they can fix their mistakes. Are they a contender or a pretender?

With NHL training camp done and the pre-season in full swing, we discuss the Canucks and their challenges. Brock Boeser is back into the fold, but will he be ready for the season opener? What about the other roster battles going on? Who will be sent down to Utica or put on waivers? More answers may come in our season preview show later this week. All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

September 11, 2019

Episode 157 - Paging BB

Sometimes you get exposed to greatness and remember the moment it happened. It probably happens every time you listen to Just A Bit Outside, but it definitely happened on September 7, 2019, when Bianca Andreescu won the Women's US Open singles title. We start off this show looking back on her historical achievement, including her run through the tournament and what it means for her future. Where does her win rank on great moments in Canadian sports? We also break down the Week 1 action from the NFL, which included a Seahawks win and another prima donna performance from a wide receiver. Plus an honourable mention to the BC Lions who at least looked better losing this week.

Just one more sleep until the start of NHL Training Camp, so of course we talk about the Canucks. Will Brock Boeser be at training camp? Will he be with the Canucks at all this season? We look at a number of roster battles and players we are excited to see in action. Who do you think needs a great showing at camp? Will someone feel the salary cap crunch? All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time, plus a salute to those who stepped up when needed most on 9/11.

Autumn is upon us (or so the weather channel says), and if you aren't excited about September, maybe another episode of Just A Bit Outside will help. We start with the remarkable run of Bianca Andreescu at the US Open in New York. How good has she been, and what are her chances of moving onwards? Will the pro-American crowd and coverage be a distraction? It's also the eve of the NFL season, and we look at how the Seahawks are shaping up? Are they a playoff team or a pretender? We also make our week one predictions.

Less than two weeks until the start of NHL Training Camp, so we discuss the competition for the Canucks this season. Each team in the Pacific Division gets dissected, as we debate how good or bad they will be. We also ask some tough questions about certain Canucks players and if they can adapt as needed to certain roles. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

As the end of summer approaches, here's something else to cling onto for dear life, another episode of Just A Bit Outside! We kick off with the surprise retirement of Andrew Luck from the NFL, and the reaction it generated. What does it mean for football to have star players walk away in their prime? Is this setting a precedent? Sadly we have to discuss another week of abysmal showings by the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps. What can you even say at this point about either team?

We talk some baseball, with Brendan's trip to Seattle to watch the Mariners and Blue Jays, plus the unfolding pennant races. Toss in a little hockey, as we wonder about the contract status of Brock Boeser and other NHL RFA's. A shout out to Brooke Henderson for her performance at the Canadian Open, and is there a mention of equestrian? All this and the start of the US Open for tennis, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

As we continue the countdown to the autumn sports seasons, here's another episode of Just A Bit Outside to get you through. We start off with the Whitecaps, who won a game and you'd think that's the big story, except they also demoted president Bob Lenarduzzi. Who is going to run the Caps? Who is to blame for the current state of the franchise? Will a new sporting director be able to turn it around? What about the BC Lions? Will a sale of the team help turn around their fortunes? Are there any positives in their tire fire of a season?

You may have heard the Canucks extended the contract of Jim Benning. What do you think of this vote of confidence for the cartel? Is the franchise headed on the right track? Does this signal a newfound patience from ownership? We do a little GM comparison and history lesson to see if Benning deserved an extension. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

Are the dog days of summer over? Maybe, but the only way to know for sure is to check out this episode of Just A Bit Outside! We start off with possibly the greatest tennis achievement Canada has ever seen with Bianca Andreescu winning the Rogers Cup. Where does she go from here? How will the new pressures and attention affect her? We also dissect the BC Lions gut-wrenching loss in Hamilton. While there were positive signs, can anything be done to save the season?

We answer your questions again, as you came through after a week of slacking. We cover everything from Loui Eriksson and Brock Boeser to the Utica Comets and the Western Lacrosse Association playoffs. Do you agree with our answers, or are we out to lunch? All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

You'd think with the dog days of summer we'd have trouble coming up with stuff to talk about, and you'd be right, but we're so good we can still produce entertainment with another episode of Just A Bit Outside!

We kick off this week with the Whitecaps win (yes, win). Sure it was against the worst team in the league, but let's focus on the positives. What sort of impact could a solid finish have towards the Caps season ticket drive? The Rogers Cup is also underway, with top Canadian tennis talent pitted against each other in the first round. Is this a good or bad thing for the tournament?

Brendan goes off once again on the negativity surrounding certain sports franchises and the role social media plays in it. Why do people choose to be negative or positive? We answer more of your questions, including some NHL salary cap comparisons, plus our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!

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