January 30, 2019

Episode 129 - Paging Kevin Bieksa

Ever wonder if you've found your true calling in life? Kevin Bieksa doesn't have to wonder, not after he found his doing hockey commentary. If you're still searching for yours, search while listening to the premier Vancouver sports podcast!

It's SuperBowl preview time, as we look forward to the Rams and Patriots. Will Brady and Belichick win a sixth ring, or can McVay and Goff start their own dynasty? Only if McVay is kept out of harms way (luckily he has a guy for that). We also recap the Australian Open and the strides of a rising young Canadian player.

The All Star break marks the unofficial start of the NHL stretch drive, and we look forward to a meaningful run of games for the Canucks. Will they make the playoffs? Is it in their best interests? What assets may be in play as we approach the trade deadline? We check out the other wheelings and dealings around the league, including some surprises and disappointments. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

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