November 26, 2019

Episode 167 - Paging The Cutting Edge

Are we on the cutting edge, or is it just a solid sports movie? The court of public opinion is a thumbs up to both, or so we think. Speaking of public opinion, we start the show with the allegations against one NHL coach, which seems to be bringing on more. Is this a 'Me Too' moment for hockey? What will the potential repercussions be?

With the Canucks, we discuss the current road trip and the results, as well as the Jacob Markstrom contract situation. Will he be around next year? Can the team afford to keep (or lose) him? What about Bo Horvat? Is there a cure for his offensive struggles? Will a return of some injured teammates help?

We also review the 107th Grey Cup, with a dominating win by Winnipeg. How does the future look for the CFL? With the season now over, who will the Lions hire as the head coach? We go around the NFL, with the Seahawks win in Philly, and look forward to the 49ers and Ravens next week. Will it be the game of the year? All this and more, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

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