February 7, 2018

Episode 82 - This Isn’t A Podcast, It’s A Tide Commercial

Does this mean all podcasts are Tide commercials? No, but if Superbowl is good for anything, it's memorable commercials. We kick off this show with a look back at one of the greatest NFL Championship games ever played, featuring a ridiculous amount of offence, and an MVP performance from a backup who could be traded this off-season.

In case you forgot, the Winter Olympics are starting soon, and we look forward to what Canada may accomplish, as well as the lack of excitement and financial opportunities for athletes headed to Pyeongchang.

With the Canucks, we begin to wonder what this month's trade deadline will bring for the team, and if certain teams are on the no-trade list for management. We also question the treatment of two of the team's younger players, and the different standards they are being held to. Is there an unfair hypocrisy happening here? All this plus our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!

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